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17 Apr

Established on 1980, China North Industries Corporation or also known as Norinco ( an official English name) was been manufacturing many different products such as vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition, etc. up to this day. They are also involved in domestic civil construction projects. Even outside China, Norinco is very much popular for the high tech defense products it is creating. It was just in February 2011, when Norinco celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary since its founding in the Great Hall of the People.

Patently, Norinco Rifle is one of the best bargains available on the market today! No other firearms manufacturer offers so much for so little. Norinco offer variety of undeniably amazing rifles such as

• Norinco Centrefire Rifles- Norinco JW-103 ‘Bush Ranger’ 7.62x39mm Rifle, Norinco JW-105 ‘Bush Ranger’ .223 Caliber Rifle, M305B (M-14S) in a Synthetic Stock ‘GI Rifle’ 7.62x51mm, CHINESE CQ 5.56 M4 Style Semi Automatic Carbine (Restricted Class), Chinese Military SKS ‘Type 56’ 7.62x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle (Non-Restricted)

• Rimfire Rifles- Norinco JW-14 ‘Carbine’ Semi-Auto .22LR Rifle, Norinco JW-15A ‘.22 Bolt’ Bolt Action .22LR Rifle, Norinco JW-20 ‘Take Down’ Semi-Auto .22LR Rifle, Norinco JW-21 ‘.22 Lever’ Lever Action .22LR Rifle, Norinco JW-23 ‘.22 Magnum’ Bolt Action .22 Mag Rifle, Norinco JW-25A ‘KKW Trainer’ Bolt Action.22LR Rifle, Norinco JW-27 ‘.22 Bolt’ Bolt Action .22LR Rifle

• and Norinco Shotguns- Norinco ‘Cowboy 1887’ 12 gauge Lever Action Shotgun, Norinco 870 “Type” 12 gauge Shotguns, Norinco ‘Coach Gun’ series Double Barrel Shotguns, Norinco ‘Win. 1897’ series 12 gauge Shotguns

All these come from different purposes and use. Norinco Rifles are very much popular to most sportsmen and target shooters throughout the world. They are one of the best choices for beginner or expert shooter regardless with their physical build. The approximate prize of Norinco rifles ranges from as low as $200 to $1000, really affordable isn’t it?

So what exactly it feels shooting with a Norinco rifle? Is it really a good quality and worth a money? Norinco Rifle is a well-made weapon and is very light. It is easy to carry and you will feel worry- free about anything as you take it with you outside. When it comes to shooting, where it really counts, you will not get disappointed by this rifle, it is really an excellent purchase. The trigger is not too tight and you very quickly get used to the creep up to the single pressure. Norinco rifle offers a lot of value and performance for comparatively little money.

Overall, Norinco Rifle is a great piece of weapon providing good accuracy, and reliability, easy to handle and cheap to shoot. Although, it has expensive ammo, it will still satisfy you as everything is really worth a penny.


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